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Need for Business Community Participation

The business community has a real and immediate need to be a full partner in the education and development of our local labor force. Having a good working relationship between education and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce will give the education community a firm understanding of regional business and labor market trends.

Business and education partners can act collaboratively to train the students that would result in a better-educated labor force. In addition, business and education together have the capacity to deliver strong training programs that increase the number of skilled workers in Stockton and San Joaquin County. The collective business expertise of the Chamber of Commerce compliments existing schools to career programs and elevates curriculum development and career exploration opportunities by providing work base and school base training to students.

As more and more local educational institutions identify the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce as their partner in school to career activities, additional financial resources are needed to allow for full attainment of objectives set out by the Partnership for Tomorrow.

If you're an employer looking to get involved in a uniquely beneficial program or are affiliated with a company that would like to help sponsor a program, please direct inquires to Frank Ferral, at frank@stocktonchamber.org.

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