In the early 1990’s the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce started several education-related programs to introduce or prepare students for the workforce. In the late 90's, under the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Chamber staff was directed to research and develop potential educational programs that would directly network the local business community in the preparation of the local workforce. In addition, staff was directed to expand on all existing education programs offered by the Chamber and to explore all funding opportunities available to create the nexus between the business and education communities. The Business Education Alliance Program has been awarded several local and regional awards.


All Stockton and San Joaquin County students should have access to educational programs that increase their post-graduation choices, preparing them for the workplace and continuous learning.


This Community Alliance provides the means by which employers and educators work together to understand each other's needs and requirements with the goal of improving educational outcomes. It also promotes employer outreach activities and enhances ongoing and innovative work and school-based programs.

What We Do

Today, whether our young people go on to college or directly into the work environment, the required core skills are the same: academic achievement, soft skills, ability to learn and communicate, interpersonal and group skills, and problem-solving. Without these, our youth will not find successful careers and employers will not have the high quality personnel needed to compete in the global marketplace. Employers have a critical role to ensure success. BEA is focused on providing:

  • All participating students with education and career possibilities
  • Businesses with workforce development opportunities
  • The community with economic advantages by creating an educated, skilled workforce
  • Teachers and counselors with workplace expectations

The BEA is involved with programs that support these criteria. The result is a motivated workforce to meet the competitive needs of the market today and in the future.


Who should be a member of the Business Education Alliance?

Chamber members are invited to join with us to help the quality of the future workforce and the preparation of Stockton and San Joaquin County youth. There is no cost to join and meetings are held quarterly. 

What are the employer benefits of participating in the Business Education Alliance?

  • Access to potential employees
  • Opportunities to build and shape a qualified workforce
  • Satisfaction from helping young people achieve their best
  • Public recognition as a sponsor of academic, workplace, and continuous learning opportunities
  • Collaboration with other employers and educators

How You Can Participate

Participation in the BEA has significant benefits for all employers in Stockton and San Joaquin County. You can choose your level of involvement.

Contact us today at (209) 292-8427 or email us at bea@stocktonchamber.org.

Greater Stockton Chamber or Commerce
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